What Are The Different Male Fertility Tests?

Date :22/02/19

What Are The Different Male Fertility Tests?

The reasons for infertility are many and range from genetic causes to everyday stress. The inability to have children is not always a case of infertility of the woman. The most common causes for infertility in men are problems connected with the quantity and quality of sperms. 

Male infertility tests

How do you get to know if your sperms are normal and functional?

Medical history
At a male infertility clinic, the doctors will first go through your medical history and medical records and have a detailed discussion with you. After this, the doctor might ask you to do one or more male infertility tests, including the semen analysis tests.

Semen Analysis
You will be asked to ejaculate semen into a clean container. The semen will then be analysed at the lab. If the quantity and quality (shape as well as movement) of the sperms are normal, then they will check if there is any problem with the transport of the sperms. This might include looking for any possible blockages and for any abnormality in veins in the genital area by physical examination.

Male Fertility Tests india
Testicular biopsy
In certain cases, a biopsy will have to be performed to identify factors that might be contributing to male infertility.

Hormone analysis
Blood tests may also be carried out to assess the level of hormones.

Specific tests
The movement of the sperms might also at times be affected by the production of antibodies against the sperms. For this, you will have to undergo tests to identify the presence of anti-sperm antibodies

Genetic testing
At times infertility may be caused by faulty genes. Genetic tests are carried out to check such a possibility.

In certain cases, transrectal ultrasound tests, scrotal ultrasound, bone mineral density tests, and a vasography test may be performed.

Infertility treatment in Tamil Nadu

Infertility treatment in Tamil Nadu is very advanced and the Guru Multispecialty Hospital at Madurai is a sophisticated center for infertility treatment with expert doctors who make use of modern technology and state-of-the-art facilities. The In Vitro Fertilization unit, which is in accordance with the NABH guidelines, state-of-the-art semen banks, sophisticated freezers for embryos and eggs are some of the advanced features of the hospital.

The medical team is led by Dr. Kalpana, one of the most well-known infertility specialists in the country. She is well supported by a professional team of other specialists and highly trained nurses, not to mention the highly equipped lab that can identify the various reasons for infertility in individuals. What makes this a 100-bedded hospital popular among common people is the affordability and the success percentage of the treatment.

Male Fertility Tests in india

Having already earned a named in infertility and IVF treatment, this hospital now provides the best solutions for infertility in men. The advances made in the medical field for treating infertility in men are very promising. So if you are one of those men silently suffering from infertility issues, nothing should deter you from approaching a medical professional for help.
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