Lifestyle Changes To Improve The Quality And Quantity of The Sperm

Date :22/10/19

Lifestyle Changes To Improve The Quality And Quantity of The Sperm

Healthy sperm plays a vital role in increasing the chances of conception. Usually, the quality and quantity of the sperm are considered to determine the healthiness of the sperm. The sperm quality is determined by the number of sperms present in the seminal discharge during single ejaculation. The quality of the sperm is determined by various factors like sperm motility, sperm morphology, and the defect rate. Even though there are different medical treatments available to increase sperm health, The first essential step to be considered is lifestyle alteration. 

improving-sperm-quality-and-quantityThe various lifestyle modifications to be made include: 

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – It is essential to maintain an ideal Body Mass Index (BMI).Excess body weight can hamper the production of reproductive hormones and shows the effect on sperm health.
EAT HEALTHY – Your sperm health is directly proportional to what you eat. Try to restrict unhealthy, high-fat junk food, and incorporate food rich in proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins. It is always better to integrate leafy vegetables and fruits as part of your daily diet.
EXERCISE – Sedentary lifestyle can increase the infertility rates. Any form of moderate exercise that promotes the overall health and well –being should be adopted. It is better to avoid intense workouts that might decrease your immune response and create an imbalance in the hormones.
AVOID ALCOHOL AND SMOKING - Heavy drinking and smoking are linked to impotence and decreased sperm quality. It is better to quit smoking and drink in moderation. Even caffeine should be limited to the possible extent.
AVOID HOT TEMPERATURES – It is always recommended to keep the testes that produce the sperm at a lower temperature. Try to avoid hot water baths and steam baths that might cause damage to sperm.
WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING – Try to avoid tight inner garments and jeans. All clothing that restricts proper air circulation and increases the body temperature should be avoided.
MANAGE STRESS – Stress has a direct impact on hormonal activity and infertility. It is always better to stay calm and try to practice meditation and breathing exercises that help relieve stress and anxiety. Sound sleep also reduces the stress level to an extent.
AVOID TOXINS AND GADGETS – Certain chemicals like lead and pesticides affect sperm quality. It is always suggested to wear protective clothing when handling them. The radiations emitted from the gadgets also affect sperm health. Mainly, it is not advised to keep cell phones in the front pant pocket due to the radiation emitted from it.

Apart from the above changes, it is always recommended to take the necessary multivitamins that help boost the body's immune system. improving quality and quantity of sperms

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Blog reviewed by: Dr. B. Kalpana
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