Different treatment options for female infertility (ART techniques)

Date :30/11/18

Different treatment options for female infertility (ART techniques)

There are a huge number of treatment options available to treat female infertility. With time technology is moving at a fast rate, thereby the treatment options are becoming more successful. Female infertility can be treated through different procedures. This completely depends on the nature of the problem and the medical history of the woman. Drugs, therapies and surgical process are prescribed to treat the root of the problem.

 Women infertility treatments in Tamil Nadu

Reasons behind female infertility

Before moving towards the treatment options, one must know what the general causes behind infertility are. PCOS, immunological dysfunction, high prolactin level, fibroid tumour ovulation dysfunction, blocked fallopian tube are some common causes of infertility in woman. Each of the disease mentioned can be treated through the different way. Once the root of the problem is detected and cured, the chances of achieving pregnancy get high.

How Assisted Reproductive Techniques works?

ART is a list of several different medical techniques that help a couple to achieve pregnancy. Following are some common ART techniques that are used by doctors:

Ovulation Induction- This is the stimulation of ovulation through medicines and drugs.

Artificial insemination- It includes a deliberate introduction of sperm in the woman's body without the means of sexual intercourse.

In-Vitro Fertilization- IVF is one of the most preferred techniques in which the egg and the sperm are fertilized outside the woman's body, which is in a laboratory.


Women infertility treatments Tamil Nadu

ICSI- Through this process, the sperm is directly injected into the eggs obtained from IVF.

Some of the rare techniques may include GIFT and ZIFT. One of the major criteria for GIFT is the woman needs to have a completely functional fallopian tube. Here the sperm and the egg cell is not fertilized in the laboratory but combined and directly inserted in the fallopian tube. The success rate for these two procedures is quite low.

Best hospital to treat female infertility

It is important that the clinic you choose for treatment must be a renowned one. When you are looking women infertility treatments in Tamil Nadu, consider a clinic that has a history of treating women above 35 years as that's the high-risk period in a woman's life. Guru Infertility Center is one such destination that provides one of the best IVF Treatment in India.

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