Dr. S.G.Balamurugan

Dr. Balamurugam

Dr.S.G.Balamurugan, M.S, M.Ch (Surg.onco), is one of the leading surgical oncologist and presently doing practice at Madurai. He is the chairman of Guru multispeciality hospital. And also running a 100 bedded cancer hospital in the name of “GURU CANCER HOSPITAL” in Madurai for about 10 years. 

Our hospital is a high volume centre for oncological surgeries. In our hospital we have carried out about 950 cases of cancer surgeries per year and also admitted around 1800 cancer cases per year.


Oncosurgical innovations:

  • We have performed a new approach – Abdomino inguinal approach , for pelvic side wall tumors, which increases the resectability and cure rate for the patients; this new technique was presented in the Annual ASI Conference 2011, and received ‘Best Scientific Paper Award”.
  • In March 2012 we have done a new method of minimally invasive cancer surgery (Endoscopic Ilioinguinal block dissection) for a patient with cancer penis; advantage of this newer technique is lesser complication and faster recovery. We have performed this new innovative surgery for the first time in south Tamilnadu.

Laparoscopic work:

Further I would like to inform you that our hospital is one among the few centers doing laparoscopic oncology work. We hold the record of doing highest number of laparoscopic radical hysterectomy (Wertheim’s operation) for carcinoma cervix in Tamilnadu . 

During 25/02/12 we have conducted a CME workshop at Taj Hotel in Pasumalai, Madurai in which leading Doctors of Tamil Nadu and more than 300 delegates have participated. In this workshop we have telecasted the laparoscopic cancer surgeries and robotic surgery. The said programme of its kind was conducted for the first time in Madurai.

Cancer awareness activities:

  • World cancer day rally- On Feb. 4, 2010, we celebrated the World Cancer Day by conducting Cancer awareness Rally involving NSS school students, at the heart of the city near Railway station.
  • Breast cancer awareness- in July 2011, we have conducted Breast cancer awareness campaign by means of conducting camp, mammogram screening and by creating Breast cancer supporting volunteers club; we have done ten breast cancer surgeries in three days.
  • Conducting camps – we are regularly conducting monthly cancer detection camps and CMCHIS camps at various rural and urban places of south Tamilnadu.
  • Conducting workshop’s and CME –we are regularly conducting CME and Workshop every year, aiding the medical students to remain updated about the rapidly improving and changing concepts in the field of medicine

Chief Minister Insurance Scheme:

In Govt insurance scheme we have previously carried out highest record of 1900 surgeries in Tamilnadu, for which our hospital have been awarded as one of the best hospitals by the Govt of Tamil Nadu and the award has been presented by The District Collector on the occasion of Republic Day 2011. 

In present insurance scheme also we have carried out more than 500 cancer surgery cases. Our Tamilandu Hon’ble Co-operative Minister Thiru.Sellur.K.Raju,B.Sc, appreciated our services involved in CMCHIS, visited our hospital and offered gifts to our patients treated under CMCHIS

Best Doctor Award-2012 :


During Teachers’ Day-2012,

DR.S.G.BALAMURUGAN…M.S,M.Ch(Surg.Onco)has been selected for the Prestigious Award of “Best Doctor Award” by the Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R.Medical University for the conspicuous service rendered by him so far in medical field and also carried out high volume of cancer surgery in South Tamil Nadu. The award was presented by the Hon’ble Health Minister Dr.V.S.Vijay on 05.09.2012.



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