Post Natal Wellness

Studies found that, 3.1 million newborn deaths occurred in 2010 can be prevented if mothers and newborns receive good post natal care. Post natal wellness is very essential for both the mother's and child's care. Basic post natal care may include:

  • Exclusive breast feeding
  • Keeping the baby warm
  • Provide hygienic skin care
  • Give additional care, if required
  • Examine both mother and baby for danger signs at home visits
  • Conduct HIV infection test

Mothers should get food item enriched in proteins and vitamins. They should have food for two. Because, weak and unhealthy mother cannot give enough care for their baby. It will affect in producing enough breast milk for babies. This may affect the baby's health and immunity of the body. After delivery, woman may have to follow some exercises and diet according to their physician's advice. Both the mother and child should be clean and hygienic always. Because, prenatal stage is a highly risky stage for them in getting infections. Both the baby and mother should get extensive care at least up to 28 days from delivery.


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Dr.B.Kalpana with Triplet and Twin ICSI Babies born in Guru Hospital, Madurai


Dr.Kalpana with 9 ISCI babies born on a single day at Guru Hospital


Dr.Kalpana with 15 ISCI babies born on a single day at Guru Hospital


Dr.B.Kalpana at European Society of Reproductive Medicine Conference at Switzerland.

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